About Me

Ria Paramita

Embroidery Artist


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The beginning

The love of embroidery began when my family and I moved to Japan in 2012.

The language barrier, cultural differences, and living far away from family and friends in a new country had eventually taken its toll, but thankfully I found my escapades in hand-embroidery, it’s the place where I find peace and serenity.

The growth

My first discovery was the family portrait dolls which also became my first signature then came the plush dolls which were inspired by my daughter’s drawings.

And from those repeated projects I learned that I like blending several techniques such as crochet, and sewing as well embellishing it with materials such as plastic pears, tassels, pom-pom, and lace to enrichen the details.

Then in 2013, I’ve mustered enough confidence to open an online shop at Etsy, I was nervous at first, but after a while, I started to enjoy the process.

I found out that by accepting customized requests and listening to the customer’s stories, each product can exhibit a certain distinctiveness that I’ve never thought about it before.

The here and after

Now my love in embroidery has grown, from digital patterns, building brand partnerships, creating Youtube channels, to the occasional workshops that I teach for female students and moms who want to explore the embroidery adventure.

In addition to that, I also enrolled at Vogue Gakuen School in Tokyo for an embroidery qualification course.

And as the future, I’m not what life has in store for me, but one thing for sure I will always do the thing that I love which is embroidery.

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