Fabric Dolls

Fabric Dolls

My Daughter's illustrations

My daughter loves to draw and throughout the years, she has made some of the most unique characters that I have ever seen. The one above is just some of the dolls that were based on her illustrations.

The Comfort Doll

We spent a few months in Indonesia before we relocated to Japan, and with our family within reach, life in Indonesia was perfect for her.

My daughter was 5 years old when we first stepped into Japan’s soil, everything was different, the buildings, the people, the language, and she immediately spiralled into loneliness.

And at the time the only thing that I can do to cheer her up was a fabric doll that I had made for her.

Making it felt like an eternal, but I wanted the doll to be special. I kept adding hand embroidery, crochet, and beads details like it were never enough.

I wanted to express the love and care that I have for her.

The Baby Shower

Whenever our friends had a birthday event for their babies or a newborn announcement, I use that opportunity to practice my sewing skills by creating a gift doll for them.

Family Potrait Dolls

Below are some of the family portraits that I was commissioned for.

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